Under 18s Boys


99`s Player Roster

Back row left to right…Chris Hein 3, Tyler Pelton 31, Andrew Horton 16, Nick Demonte 10, Tim Priest 2. Front row left to right….Owen Lacko 6, Mo Abuhilal 5, Hayden Haffner 20, Ryan Newman 0, Andy Proster 11, Antonio Demonte 23, Max Cain, Matt Studenic 4.

 Unfortunately not a full team photo as we are missing Brandon Davidson 1 and Kai Wagner 21.        

Andrew Horton – Medina High School- Position Centre back/ centre midfield.

Andrew plays both his positions equally well, a very uncompromising defender who reads the game very well and has the necessary intelligence to play a formidable role in midfield. A very strong combative player who does not take any prisoners with his no nonsense approach to the game, he is strong and athletic and anyone who plays against him will know they have been in a game. Excellent team man.

Brandon “Messi” Davidson – Valley Forge High School.-Position-Right Wing/Left Wing.                                                               Probably one of the quickest dribblers I have seen, seems to travel as quick with ball at his feet as he does without, a very exciting player to watch, someone who when he gets the ball you move forward in your seat. Great technically on either wing with the ability to go inside and outside, one of those players who genuinely can make defenders look like they have their laces tied together. Needs to produce end product, shots and crosses to gain full reward for his play. When he gets in trouble on the field he calls Artem to take care of it.






  Antonio Demonte – Brunswick High School-Position-Centre Midfield                                                       Arguably one of the most improved players I have seen for a long time. Had an incredibly difficult couple of years. Always had the technical ability to be a very good player but has now added vital physical and mental capability to his excellent talent. A player with excellent vision, he sees passes at times no one else does and is able to execute well, he is now a physical match for anyone so don’t be fooled by appearances, when he travels forward with the ball he does so at pace I never knew he had. Antonio’s own personal minder is Kyle Wolf, he is the calm one of the triplets.


  Chris Hein – Valley Forge High School-Position-Anywhere-He is that good.

 Very easy to forget that Chris is a 2001, has never looked out of place for a moment and will spend a lot of time on the field for us. I am not being flippant when I say he could play anywhere, I really mean it, striker, midfield, defence, it all comes the same to Chris. Similar to his brother Tyler in that he has outstanding technique and is two years younger. He is an outstanding prospect for the future and should play at a high level like his brother. He is also very strong, similar to Antonio Demonte in that do not at your peril underestimate his physical strength he has great determination and a will to win, demonstrates great intelligence on the field for one so young and as a coach I cant wait to see what we can get him to achieve. I call them the terrible twins, not because there is anything terrible about them just because they are so damn good.

  Nick Demonte – Brunswick High School-Position-Right Winger

 Extremely quick direct winger who provides a very good contrast to our width on the opposite side, at his best when getting onto through balls using his speed and timing, an excellent crosser of the ball who although having quiet periods in games can both provide and score goals, almost certainly will be in the top 3 assisters at the end of the season. A real athlete, great physique and athletic running style and is improving his play off the line which will be a big addition for him. He once unfortunately broke bones in his back and was diagnosed with a back brace to wear, he gave the back brace the name of Neil and during the time he could take the brace off to rest could be found talking to it telling Neil how he needed to get better quickly.

Andy Proster – Medina High School-Position-Striker/Midfield

 When you assess young players at elite level and make projections for the future two of the things that are high on the list is desire and appetite for the game, Andy has this by the bucket load, his enthusiasm and will to perform is infectious. This was outlined when he broke his leg in high school season and then went onto play two further games with a broken leg, of course he didn’t know but its a measure of how much he just wants to play. Has come back and looks like he was never away, he is quick, strong, very creative and has an edge to his game that takes him to another level. Wants to score a ton of goals and will, as well as create for others. Missing practice on Thursdays at the moment due to rehearsals for a concert I believe, apparently he can sing and dance as well.

 Owen Lacko – Avon Lake-Position-Striker

I have been very impressed with Owens back to goal play, it is vitally important if you want to have a good team that you have a striker who will hold play up for you and bring people into the game, it is the hardest job on the field, I know because I had to do it as a job. Owen is quick, quicker than he thinks, and is potentially a very good goal scorer. He has the ability to sniff chances out like any good goal scorers do. Once he gets to grip with the depth of the opposition defence line and when to run behind he will put another dimension to his game. He is the nicest boy you can meet, but make him angry and he is like a Tasmanian devil, I am thinking if making him angry before every game.


Ryan Newman – North Royalton High School-Position-Goalkeeper.

 Not been with us Long but has already impressed greatly with his attitude and application. Ryan has great hands, gathers the ball extremely well and very little comes off him and gets the ball to stick. With Ryan if you practiced for hours he would want to do it all no matter how tired. He is a great distributor from his hands and has a great kick, either of which can put us on the front foot very quickly and launch valuable attacks and counter attacks which with pace we have in our side is a very big plus for me. Has that great quality that all keepers must have and that even in training he hates getting beaten, not quite as much as an old goalkeeping colleague of mine when I was a player who when I chipped him in training shouted “great chip mate get your ball” I was a young pro at the time and he was already in his 10th season as a pro, I ran to get my ball out of the goal all proud with chest puffed out, as I ran past him he punched me square in the face, I didn’t do it again after losing teeth, not to him anyway.