The Season Ahead

It promises to be a very exciting season ahead for all our age groups having won their respective divisions of state league. The high school scholars will come back in the fall with the prospect of playing in MRL as well as the top showcases. Whilst we want to retain an element of flexibility to the schedule we equally understand that it is important to plan out the developmental processes for many of these players that will go the college. We will more than likely begin the showcase calendar at the Gateway showcase in Cincinnati in November. This comes right after the end for most in High school season so presents a great season opener, the teams are of very good quality and the locations and fields were excellent.

We will have a number of playing engagements through winter with probably our next showcase being in the early part of march in either Kentucky or in West Virginia at the Annandale tournament. This will be followed by the great lakes Showcase in April at the new soccer complex down there which was outstanding. In addition we have the additional exciting prospect of MRL soccer in just our 2nd season, there will be an additional 7 or 8 games at this level along with our entry into the OHIO NORTH STATE CUP.

In terms of our younger teams they are in the process of pre season fall training now in preparation for playing in the top bracket of state league in the fall season, in addition they will be entering at least one tournament prior to Christmas break before winter training and games commence. 2 further tournaments await them in the spring yet to be decided and OHIO NORTH STATE CUP play. We are very much looking forward to the boys and girls teams playing separately for the first time in all competitions, new uniforms are on the way which our club provides on a FREE OF CHARGE basis to all our players who join up to the end of October which constitutes one year since we started to play as a club, so far we have given over 50 players of all ages free match and training uniform.

Its going to be an incredibly exciting year ahead!