“He is one of the most knowledgeable people on the game that I have met during my career and he is still the person I speak to most concerning the abilities of individuals and teams, tactically he is outstanding.”

—Bobby Bennett – Global Talent Identification Scott for Arsenal Football Club.


“I was disillusioned at my club as I had not had an enjoyable time under the previous coach and was looking to transfer my services somewhere else. Andrew asked me to reconsider and due to his enthusiasm and impressive knowledge of the game I decided to do so.”

—Kevin Cooper – Professional Football Coach.


“ A very good coach, an outstanding tactical technician able to see things extremely quickly and act immediately, an outstanding developer of talent.”

—Desmond Bulpin – Professional Football Coach.


“ His knowledge and innovation in his field was really noticeable and demonstrated in both the results he received at his club and the positive feedback received following interviews.”

—Sarah Collins – Sport Editor at BBC Radio Manchester.