Club Mission Statement

I have been involved in soccer at Professional Academy and senior level since I left school at the age of 16, I was fortunate enough to represent my country and play at Elite level throughout Europe.

I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic about passing on my years of experience to young players to help them achieve the maximum enjoyment and success. We will aim to produce technically proficient and physically capable players that are tactically astute and are able to perform at a high level over the period of time. I will base players development over the long term, whilst short term goals will always be set the focus has to be developing players over the long term to give them a better chance to achieve their goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The players will travel on a journey through a detailed soccer programme with excellent coaches that are focused on the needs of both the individual and team. We will aspire to produce players for life inside and outside of soccer and provide a holistic learning and enjoyable environment to learn about and participate in soccer. We will provide an extremely positive and enjoyable yet demanding environment for all players. We will achieve these goals with the combined efforts of players, coaches, and parents.

AK CLVELAND ELITE teams will play attacking soccer throughout each and every age group for both girls and boys, we will try and produce players to be able to compete at a high level in time and develop players in an environment and style that makes them competent in managing the ball under pressure. We will attempt to move through the field with dynamic high tempo play and create chances to score goals, it is after all what the aim of the game is, scoring gives pleasure and enjoyment so we should aim to do that as much as we can.

Defensively the teams will learn how to press effectively to win the ball back at the earliest opportunity preferably as close to the opposition’s goal as possible to give us a far greater opportunity to launch incisive attacks resulting in chances created and goals. Players will also be taught about how to defend through each third of the field and have an understanding of defending in 1v1 situations relative to their respective positions on the field.

In the fullness of time video analysis will be used with parents consent for coaches to provide clear accurate feedback on both games and training sessions, where young people are concerned a picture paints a thousand words, we will aim to provide quarterly written and verbal assessments to each player to maximise the learning experience, the more players understand the more they enjoy the game because the knowledge allows them to perform at a higher level thus giving them increased enjoyment and self esteem.

The focus will be squarely on allowing players to express themselves in a controlled and enjoyable environment, the focus will be on producing performances in the long term to a high level of skill, if that can be achieved then players will get their rewards, we will set targets for games and practices in the safe knowledge that if you can hit 75% of those thresholds the result usually takes care of itself, the focus is performance, practice does not make perfect, it never has, there is not a perfect player and there never will be, no one said we had to be perfect, practice makes PERMANENT.

We will look to travel to Europe to play in various international competitions where I can use my contact list to provide opportunities and experiences of a lifetime, not only in a soccer sense but from a social and life perspective giving young people the chance to develop lasting relationships and memories.

Welcome to AK-Cleveland Elite Soccer Club, lets have some fun with soccer.