Club Crest

AK Cleveland Logo

The Story Behind the Crest

The crest has been designed to depict the strong similarity between the two cities of Manchester where I was born and raised and Cleveland Ohio where I find myself now embarking on another life adventure.

It was only when I started researching that I found that the two places had such Industrial similarities in their history, two market leaders back in the days of the industrial revolution of the 1800s and 1900s, Manchester with its cotton trade that made it become the third biggest City in the UK Cleveland with its thriving Iron and Steel industry.

It became very important to me to try and depict what both places had done for industry and what they stood for through time.

What Does it all Mean?

On the crest you will see four rivers, the Irwell and Medlock from Manchester and the Cuyahoga river and the Ohio/Erie canal. These rivers and canals were vital pieces in building industry to the level each city did. The ones from Manchester providing a gateway to the world and the Cleveland rivers and canals providing a pathway into the great lakes. You will see two additional symbols in the centre of the crest, the ship denotes the Manchester ship canal as already mentioned and the symbols below that are taken from the flag of Cleveland to represent the steel industry.

The two creatures are Griffins as shown on items depicting the American pledge of allegiance, they also bear a striking resemblance to the creatures on the Manchester Coat Of Arms.

Why Red, White & Black?

The colours were simple enough for me, I watched my first soccer game at Old Trafford the home of Manchester United in 1970 when I was four years old, I watched home and away for around 13 years by which time I was embarking on a career as a professional soccer player and of course was unable to go and watch as much due to playing commitments of my own, as you spend a life in professional sport you don’t act quite as passionately as a fan but you never forget what gave you the inspiration and motivation, the red, white and black will always be a symbol of so many great experiences for me and the Gold is taken from the club crest of the club I grew up watching.