AK Cleveland Elite U11 Girls Schedule Force Sports 2017-18


 GP  W  L  T  GF  GA  PTS  GD  WP
AK Cleveland 8 5 1 2 40 19 17 21 0.625
Bay Village Blue 8 5 1 2 25 9 17 16 0.625
Avon Lake 1 8 4 1 3 20 16 15 4 0.500
NOSO Orange 8 3 4 1 25 24 10 1 0.375
CIU Volt 11 8 1 5 2 19 29 5 -10 0.125
Avon Lake Flash 8 0 6 2 15 47 2 -32 0.000

Well what a weekend these girls had, in fact what a winter indoor league they have had. I’m going to say once again that effectively these girls have just been together a year, what they have done in terms of taking their games forward in that space of time is quite remarkable really, I expect them to progress because of what we do and the fact that I am always demanding of them to do their best and work as hard as they can, but they have surpassed what is deemed as average development.

They played their first real league/tournament soccer in the fall, previous to that they had played with the boys until numbers dictated that we would split them up, there is absolutely no doubting at all that the fact they had that experience with the boys and continue to practice at the same time although separately provides a fantastic learning and competitive environment for them both.

The signs have been there a while as they played for the first time together in a very tough bracket of state league which in all honesty they probably were not quite ready for at that time, but it really did show them what competitive club soccer is about, completely different from what they experience in travel.

They went from being on the end of some painful heavy defeats at the start to actually beating and tying with the same teams at the end of the season some of whom they had lost to by 7 goals, they are truly an amazing bunch and the most exciting thing for me is they are only going to get better and better.

They have played in their first winter league of 8 games against some very good teams, teams such as CSA Impact, a very strong club with lots of players at the same age and managed to finish top of the league with an amazing performance and victory against NOSO Orange who they had previously lost too in our final game on Sunday, the girls hit the top in the last game with a fantastic 5-3 victory.

They started the day with a very very tough game against CSA Impact, the game ebbed and flowed constantly, we created many chances and found yet again the CSA keeper in great form, the game finished tied at 4 -4 in a very exciting game, our goals came from Skye Zielaskiewicz and two of Sarah Hunter’s rocket shots that she has in both feet and an awesome goal from our fearless striker Morgan Perry this point at the end of the day proved to be crucial as I will explain later. The performance was superb, the goalscorer always get the glory but this truly was an outstanding team performance from everyone, there were positive contributions from everyone on the field and if there had not been the result would have been very different.

So they went into the last game against the team they previously lost too having to win to clinch top spot. Well what a game to watch, 2 good teams going toe to toe and not giving an inch, we went into a 2 goal lead before being pegged back at half time to 2-2 from 2 super free kicks from the opponents. Katie Callahan then took matters into her own hands (or feet) I should say by scoring 2 goals within 2 minutes at the start of the second half, the opponents then scored again and put us under great pressure before Sarah Hunter yet again scored the clincher with a beautifully struck left foot shot.

I said earlier that the goal scorers get the glory but these games were outstanding team performances.

Bailey, Camryn Petty, Jayden Lee, Morgan Perry, Skye Zielaskiewicz, Danica Hearn, Sarah Hunter, Olivia Gottschling, Katie Callahan, Amiya Hinton, Sabrina Boyd. You were fantastic through the whole of the winter, scored many great goals, played great entertaining soccer.

It’s was a great weekend to have Bailey with us as goalkeeper, she did an amazing job in the 2nd game of the day making several fine saves and setting us on the attack with excellent throws.

Jayden Lee and Camryn Petty were simply outstanding, in tough games you need the defenders to stand firm, these 2 made more tackles and more interceptions than some do in a month. They are brave, they work tirelessly, they are our rock from which we can build and play. They end the opponents attacks and start ours. They hardly ever leave the field and they both have an insatiable desire to do well, watch out for these 2.

Morgan Perry showed everything we know she has, pace control, skill, makes goals, scores goals, aaaaand when she gets a bit feisty watch out she goes to another level.

Katie Callahan, 2 years younger than most, amazing player, 2 footed, brave, tenacious, scores goals, saves goals, tough tackler due to playing with her older brother in the yard, don’t mess with Katie she’s a mini mean machine.

Danica Hearn, joined us later than the other girls and has shown superb growth, she is naturally 2 footed, has good technique which you can see every week, can play wide on either flank has good pace and will I predict score lots of goals in the future.

Olivia Gottschling, extremely athletic and quick, great attitude to training, technically gets better and better each practice and game, going to be a very influential player in the future, the boys already want her to play with them in state cup.

Sarah Hunter, Sarah had a wonderful season in the winter. She plays for both the boys u12s and girls, was at every single game and was a big player for both teams, she is very powerful I in both feet, as we saw a yet again on Saturday with goals in both games with both feet. She is quick, her passing for one so young is both penetrative and accurate, she rarely misses.

Amiya Hinton, this girl is a treasure, she had really only just started playing soccer, she is incredibly quick, very strong and brave and I have to say that she is the most improved player, things have been a little difficult at times but I can tell you what I love about our girls is that I hear them say to her Amiya you got so good now, she will continue to improve as they all will and when she does watch out.

Skye Zielaskiewicz, I call her the fox in the box, like all natural goal scorers she is always in the right place at the right time, she has great foot skills and a low centre of gravity which she uses very well, she has finished top goalscorer in both state league and winter league actually scoring 5 goals in one particular game, whilst you can’t do it without your teammates scoring is a knack and she has it.

Girls in my best American accent, you are aaaawwwesome.