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We completed the double over CAK on a very hot evening at Copley Road. We played some superb stuff and although the goalkeeper of CAK once again had a fantastic game we managed to score 3 goals without reply. We were a little bit narrow at times but be it that we are playing 11 v 11 for the first time really its understandable we are narrow at times and of course its hard to cover the ground at times. Konner Leyden and Jackson Lattner are beginning to form a very formidable partnership down the left hand side with some absolutely great combinations, they are 2 of the hardest working boys I have seen and opponents find it very difficult to match that, allied to that they both have an ability to glide past opponents and i am very much enjoying that partnership develop.Lincoln has developed a liking obviously for playing against them as he claimed the match ball honours with a very well taken hat trick, of course being a goalscorer you are totally reliant on getting good quality service as well as being able to make chances for yourself with your own work, Lincoln certainly gets great service from our midfield players and is the first to thank the other players for a great pass or cross, its great to see all the players celebrating a goal. Griffin actually helped turn the game a little in our favour by coming on the field as he does just after half time, he is incredibly quick and powerful and has fantastic feet considering that he is known as a very good keeper.

There was once again superb contributions from the central midfield 2 who have a very good balance between them, Josh Prykan is strong and combative and is excellent at breaking up play and setting us off and Cameron Miller is a wonderful foil for him with his ability to get on the ball and play killer passes through gaps in the opponents defence. If we break the opposition back line we have great pace up top with Cole and Lincoln, its exciting to watch. Once again the guys at the back were outstanding, we have a great pace and strength back there.

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