1 on 1 Training


Whether the soccer journey is just beginning for you or you are already a professional or Elite player these bespoke training sessions can elevate your game and give you the extra edge you need.

For both boys and girls of all ages we will cover fundamental key areas of development, from basic technical skills if you are new to the game through to fast footwork, dribbling, shooting, fitness sessions, goalkeeping, awareness, passing, speed training and positional understanding and advice.

I am conducting these sessions for groups of between 2 and 4 people only at a time, I will be working together with ex Honduran international player Juan Farhado who is also an ex D1 college player with over 60 appearances, Juan is an excellent coach who I work together with at Ashland University who have just qualified for the GLIAC play off series for the first time since 2012. There are beginners, intermediate and advanced/elite sessions available to both boys and girls.

The courses consist of 6 hours coaching and will cover every important facet of playing soccer, the courses will be intense in terms of players will be asked to perform at a high tempo to replicate game demands, everyone can execute techniques and skills slowly, and its how too many are taught, at an unrealistic tempo to be able to compete well, have good technique and skill is being able to produce those skills and techniques under pressure, the sooner you learn to do that the sooner you will develop to a high level.

We have spent a lot of time putting sessions together that will be very exciting and enjoyable as well as demanding and that will produce excellent development.

Please state which kind of course your son or daughter will require, beginner being rec/ travel, intermediate being playing club, advanced/elite, good club, Academy, MRL, ECNL, COLLEGE.

This will ensure we can tailor the sessions for maximum benefit.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with andy@akcleveland-elite.com or call 330 391 2015.